oh how things have changed :)

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oh how things have changed :)

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I have a big crush on my bestfriend we've been friends since we were 4 and I've had a dream about us dating I really want to tell her I like her but I don't want to mess up our friendship what should I do plz help

Well, unfortunately, ruining the friendship is always a possibility when one person develops feelings for the other. That has happened to me on a couple separate occasions and it just ain’t fun.

So here is my advice: if you like her, go for it. Talk to her (make sure it is at the right time though) and just be super chill about it. Say something like “Hey so, you know how we’ve been friends for awhile. Well I kinda like you as more than a friend.” And see how she reacts. It may come as a shock to her. She may not feel the same. You two may stop talking for a little while. You may stop talking for a long while.

BUT no matter what happens, be understanding. Please, do not get offensive if she doesn’t like you like that. And please please PLEASE do not be clingy! In my opinion, the #1 reason as to why friendships are ruined over these types of situations is because the person that has the crush becomes overly clingy and start bombarding their friend with questions and demands answers. NO! Do not do this. Give her time. If she likes you back then YAY! WOO HOO! You are one step closer to a girlfriend, my friend. If not, let the “drama” die down for a bit and then go from there. Start talking to her again and slowly build the friendship up again. 

I know you don’t want to here that losing your friend is a possibility but it is, so be prepared. I hope everything works out for you in the end :)

Why are straight girls so attractive?

Honest answer: they are just as attractive as LGBTQ+ girls. Lots of people just like to think that they are more attractive because we “can’t have them” and blah blah blah.

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Should You Get Back Together With Someone Who Cheated On You?

For any of my followers that have been cheated on but want to know if they should get back together with the cheating party…

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Should You Get Back Together With Someone Who Cheated On You?

For any of my followers that have been cheated on but want to know if they should get back together with the cheating party…

Omg thank u I went 2 stoer and i got a back scartcher and now I can b happy and not itchy and not do suggestive things too walls U r geenius thank u so much

Glad I could help :)

so I have a minor problem. whenever I talk to a girl I think is cute or attractive I get so frazzled and tend to say REALLY REALLY stupid stuff. how do I make myself function like a normal human being around them...?

This is a toughy. I haven’t come across this problem much before (mainly because I never talk to my crushes) but when I do, I usually f*** it by saying the things that I think will impress them. And usually when they disagree, I go back on what I said and that’s not good. It’s better to have educated opinions than to just try and impress everyone.

I would say practice on a mirror. Once you can hold a conversation with yourself in the mirror for about 2 minutes or so, then you should practice on your cute friends: that way you are still getting the experience of talking to someone cute without the pressure of them being a possible girlfriend. Once you have mastered that, get out there! Start chatting up the pretty ladies. And if you still find yourself saying stupid stuff, then before you say what you are about to say, talk a 3-second breath and start over. And you don’t have to be frazzled about it either. Just make it into a little joke. Giggle a little and say “Well that sounded a little silly. What I was trying to say was blah blah blah.” That way she’ll know that you didn’t mean to say something stupid and she’ll be OK with continuing the conversation. 

Hope this helps :)

My sister wont let me use her bak scratcher and i cant reach and she wont do it for me and when i try to get it on a wall or something people think i am grinding on the wall what 2 do?

Hahahahaha What?! WHAT?!

Might I suggest getting your own back scratcher? They aren’t that expensive and then you won’t have to worry about your sister’s…

How do I get girls to like me? People seem to think that if you are a female, you automatically understand all girls, an are an expert on how they think, but I have no idea what is going on, like what?

Hahahaha that was wonderful opener :)


I get it. I really do. Whenever I come out as bisexual to my straight guy friends, I become their adviser on everything girls… And usually, I have no clue how this works; I’ve never been in a relationship (with a man or woman) so I don’t know what goes through their minds (woman’s minds, that is).

But I do know one thing: you don’t GET girls to like you. They either do or they don’t. And not ALL girls will like you. You will have some that like you as a friend, some that like you as more than a friend, some that don’t like a small part of you and some that just flat out hate you. All I can say is make sure to be yourself (as long as yourself is NOT a total ass, in which case I say lighten up a bit :) ) and just keep moving along. Eventually you will meet a girl that does like you and then you’ll be asking me for relationship advice :) 

I think I might be bi-curious... I never even thought of it before until a few days ago but I'm not even completely sure of what it truly means...

Basically, what bicurious means is that you identify as hetero (straight-or even possibly as homosexual) but you are interested in pursuing romantic/sexual relationships with those of both sexes (male and female). Usually this is seen as an “experimentation phase”, where you involve yourself romantically or sexually with both sexes, to see if you really are interested in both, or if you prefer one or the other.

I think a lot of people go through the “bicurious phase” but that is only what they see it as, just a phase. Bicuriosity can happen at any point in life and it isn’t necessarily temporary. You can be bicurious and never act on it, therefore making it part of who you are. Or you could act on it and never change your views about it. And that’s fine! 

If you think you are bisexual (or you are in fact bicurious) I encourage you to do your research. Here are some sights that I think would give you positive information about what you are dealing with:

And if after you read up on it and you think you are bicurious and you would like to act upon it and begin experimenting, I recommend you to be safe, not only sexually but also emotionally and psychologically. There may possibly be people out there that want to abuse this part of you or who want to use this fact to make you do things that you are uncomfortable doing. Just be cautious and know that bicuriousity is not wrong and that you always have someone to talk to if you want more info or just a listening ear :) Hope this helps!

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I have this friend that's a girl that I got drunk and made out with in like March and the next morning she was like "Wow I don't remember anything" because she has a boyfriend. After that we stopped talking for a bit until like a month ago and she's still dating the guy but she flirts with me and holds my hand in movies and stuff. Part of me was like "stop overreacting this isn't a big deal" but last night we had sex. I don't know what to do or say but she's was flirting with her bf still..

First of all, go you! You got laid by your best friend ;)

But, in all honestly, you really need to talk to her. You need to have a good, straight-forward talk. Don’t be coy and beat around the bush with your questions. Here are some questions you can ask her (if you don’t know if you have any of your own):

  • Hey, I like you, we’ve kissed, we’ve had sex, what does this mean?
  • Does this mean you are interested in me?
  • Do you want to go out with me?
  • Do you want to leave your boyfriend for me?
  • Would you leave him for me?

Honestly, the only way this were to work out is if she were to say “Yes, I like you and yes I want us to be together, so I’ll end it with him.” Because honestly, who wants to be the “side girl”. If that’s what you’re OK with being then fine BUT think about her boyfriend and what would happen if he were to find out… I wouldn’t want to be the one to find out that my girlfriend was cheating on me. You need to see if she is willing to make things work between you and her, which means her leaving her boyfriend to be with you.

And honestly, in my opinion, even if she did break up with her boyfriend to be with you, I wouldn’t go for it. You’ve probably heard it before BUT If she is willing to cheat on her boyfriend with you, what makes you think she won’t cheat on you with someone else (guy or girl). 

You’re in a pretty sticky situation but what I suggest you do is talk to her. And be direct about it. If she avoids the convo or she says she doesn’t want to leave her boyfriend then end it. There are plenty of other hot girls that would be willing to share what they have to offer with you. I hope this helps :)

Skins fire broke my heart (I just finished watching it)... I can't believe my OTP goes through that. I cried so much for them even though the focus was on effy

I know. I know. It sucks and I am still pissed about it too… That is why I have thrown myself into Lily and Kat’s work in the present (to forget about the awful things that happened to Naomily) :(